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Private Group – Investigation fees / prices
Prices for the main investigation services are posted under the Polygraph Service fees — click here to view.

Lie Detection / Polygraph Service Prices


£750.00 per person per test

*All tests are conducted at your home address*

This is for a test and a home visit in England and Wales.

We charge a non refundable deposit of £250.00 per test...

This is by bank transfer or direct payment to Barclays bank the balance is payable to the examiner upon arrival before the test starts. If you cancel and don’t reschedule the test the deposit is non refundable.

Payment is by bank transfer or cash directly to Barclays bank.

We do not accept credit cards for the deposit.

Please only call us only when you are ready to book a test.

If you do not want a home visit, a meeting room in your local town or city, can be rented usually at the cost of £50.00 extra per test.


Answers to Polygraph FAQs :-

  • We do not offer tests in Scotland.

  • Tests in Northern Ireland are £1,100.

  • We do not have the facility of ‘Checking in the diary’ for availability until the deposit has been paid.

  • Most tests are typically done within 1-3 working days from the time of paying the deposit. Some times longer.

  • Once the deposit has been paid the examiner will call you the same day to book the test.

  • We do not take tests at our premises.

  • There is a maximum of 3 questions per test. (For the person being tested there are no more than 3 questions allowed).

  • Test typically take between 2-3 hours.

  • Tests are 98% accurate.

Please note: We do not offer a Polygraph advice line


Please do your research on the internet before calling us, so you have an understanding of how these tests work.

Our examiner is fully affiliated and fully qualified, and is the only examiner in the UK approved by the ministry of defence.


Private and corporate investigation fees are below

Surveillance — following someone


Per operative: £45.00 per hour (dependent on assignment - minimum 8 hours apply) plus all reasonable expenses. (typically £50.00 per surveillance session per operative) — this includes all photo images and or video.

Typical example of cost per session per operative is £450.00


Please bear in mind that our fees also include the log/report writing and video editing (some companies charge extra for this service) this is usually done the following day after the surveillance has been conducted and can take 2-3 hours extra work to complete.


Read more on Surveillance

De bugging/ ecm sweep (electronic counter measures sweep)

We have professionally trained experts in searching and removing listening and tracking devices from your home office or vehicle.


Prices start at £450.00


Please call to discuss.



Trace Locating

Tracing/finding person(s) in the United Kingdom.

Standard fee is £190.00

£60.00 deposit (non-refundable)

£130.00 on completion of the trace, total to pay £190.00.

We ideally require

1 Full Name
2 Date of Birth (if you do not have a date of birth, we can usually get that from the last known address if it is in the last 6 years)
3 Last known address

If you do not have all the information above we can still conduct a trace/locate, however we may charge more as this kind of trace may require more research and time.

Please call to discuss.

International trace locating

The criteria is the same as above.


The cost is £360.00 and higher depending on the location (country).

Read more on Tracing


Fraud investigations

This kind of investigation is priced on a case by case basis, as each task tends to be different.

Please call to discuss so we may quote you.


Financial investigations/ asset search

This is a complex type of investigation and the price will vary depending on what is required. Most cases cost between £600.00 to £1200.00 and some cases cost more.


Please call to discuss.


Read more on Financial investigations

Background checks / reports

These reports are done on a case by case basis depending on how much information you require.


With background reports it is better to be specific about exactly what information you are looking for on an individual or organisation, rather than expecting an entire dossier on an individual or company.


The cost of an entire dossier could run in to several thousand pounds, rather than a few hundred pounds.


It is generally better to be specific about what information you are looking for so that we can quote you for what you need not what you don’t need.


There are a lot of standard pieces of information included in every report (like bankruptcies ccjs previous addresses current address); we recommend you call us to discuss your requirements so that we can quote you for this very specific service.


We can research archives for press articles relating to criminal convictions as this is a legal form of evidence gathering and researching.

Typical cost of a background report is £600.00 - £1200.00 some higher depending on requirement.

Please note we can not get access to criminal records.


Read more on Background checks and reports


Enquiry agent services

Most jobs cost £200.00 per task, but please call us to discuss.

Consultant meeting to discuss cases

We do not accept visitors at our offices, as our staff have been the victims of assault and abuse in the past.

We can arrange a meeting usually at a neutral location such as a hotel lounge; however we do charge for this as it takes us away from the office and our work.

£125.00 + per meeting per 2 hour meet depending on how soon you require us to meet and where.



Initial telephone enquiry

We understand that you can be nervous or apprehensive when calling but please understand that we treat all enquiries in the strictest of confidence at all times, and your discretion is of paramount importance to us.

It is usually better to call us by phone to discuss your problem as this
initial consultation is free; once we have agreed anything with you, we will then put it in writing to you by e mail before we proceed with the investigation.


Tracker / GPS device rental

£450.00 — (7 days) 1st week

£300.00 — (second week £750.00 14 days) battery permitting.

£1200.00 — for 1 month battery permitting

£150.00 to retrieve and charge and re deploy

The battery for the tracking devices sometimes will need charging if it has been on the vehicle for over 2 weeks, depending on how far the vehicle travels on a daily basis. We charge the above fee for this.

We will allow you to log in to the tracking device so you can view the vehicle movements at you leisure. It will recorded all movements automatically.


Read more on Tracking

Close protection / body guarding

£45.00 per hour plus all reasonable expenses (minimum 8 hours per day)


Agent to agent rates

£35.00 per hour per operative plus all reasonable expenses (minimum hours apply)

We do not accept credit cards.



All payments to us are by bank transfer or a direct payment in cash in to Barclays bank to our account please (if paying cash please keep your receipt as proof of payment)

please always use you first or last name as the payee reference when making a cash payment to the bank and keep ypu bank receipt
as proof of payment.

We will always provide a receipt and or an invoice for payments.

There are other types of investigations we have not mentioned in this price list.

Please add 20% vat (value added tax) to all the above prices.

For anything else please call to discuss so we may quote you.

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